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New York Twin Meets Tennessee Flame

Jill, we depart your site with hearts overflowing in thanks and gratitude.
The promise of Spiritual Singles and affiliates of facilitating conscious connections and uniting beloveds.  Dear Reader, that promise is alive in the joyous reunion of Twin Flames Elaine and Tony.  (Our stories were written separately.)
Elaine's Glow Tony and I both became instantly bonded when we connected on Green Singles February 13th.  When Tony told me we were "Twin Flames," I had heard of this concept but never knew exactly what it meant, or how two people would feel once they connected or met.  Our relationship began to instantly bloom into a deep love for the other while FaceTiming for hours every night; we talked about everything, our past, our families, our fears, our hopes and dreams.  Everything was shared and nothing was off limits as we trusted each other with our most intimate thoughts.  I began to realize what Twin Flames meant because we had so many things in common, we mirrored each other and the two of us began merging into one person.
We began making plans to meet in NYC and our date was set for March 9th.  We texted and talked throughout the day, with Tony singing his heart to me through multiple texts.  Our meeting was everything we had hoped it would be.  We connected both physically and spiritually.  We spent three wondrous days together in NYC, holding hands everywhere we went, hugging and kissing at every red light.  We were so tuned into the other we knew exactly what the other needed before asking.  We pledged our love and devotion and we made plans to share a lifetime together.  The hardest part was the separation until we can make our living together a reality.
Tony's Light
Though I've had many mind-blowing spiritual experiences, my feet are firmly anchored in Terra Firma practicality.  It was, then, unusual that upon first browsing her Profile I immediately liked Elaine.  Her radiance drew me in as a wayward ship to lighthouse on a fogbound night.  Elaine's smile warmed my weary heart, and I found her hemp hats wonderfully goofy.
An initial email to her was returned.
A few emails passed before phone contact.  Soon into that first call it was evident there was a deep karmic connection and shared Starseed origin.  We constantly texted and FaceTimed for hours every night punctuated by lots of staring into each other's eyes.  We met in New York twenty-four days after initial contact.
Wonderful, amazing, magical fail to describe our physical meeting.  We laughed, had a blast, cried, shared ourselves unabashedly, created astonishing physical intimacy, and gently held the space safe for each other.  We're natural as peanut butter atop jelly.
We are quintessential Twin Flames.  Highly polished mirrors of each other.  I am her teacher, she mine; both rapt students to each other.
A year after meeting, with gratitude to Pele the Goddess of Fire, we married in a civil ceremony in Hawaii’s Volcano National Park.
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